Friday, April 2, 2010

Quest Guide: Evermeet Isle

I'm not going to be posting detailed walk-throughs of each zone in Allods, that spoils the fun. Instead I'm going to be writing up brief guides that cover the basics of the zone, along with hints on the more obscure or difficult to find quests. I'll also post reference links that may be useful. Here we go with the first quick guide: Evermeet Isle!

The first real zone you face League-side is Evermeet Isle, a fairly small Allod with forests to the west and mountains to the east. You start in the south-west near the coast. You can find the full list of quests for this zone right here.

One thing to note: The initial interior tutorial instance is a true instance. Be sure you finish it off completely and exit to the Isle before logging out, otherwise your progress will be reset to the beginning!

The quests are pretty straight forward, so this is a good place to figure out the interface and get familiar with the target-highlighting "T" key (as explained in this article). There are a couple things to bear in mind as you follow the quest chains:

  • Use the "T" key to find and harvest Plantains for the repeatable reputation quest Medicinal Plantains. You'll want to buy the reputation gear here (available at the Scout Camp) to speed up the leveling process once you get to the mainland. Plantains are found all over the Isle and you don't need the quest to pick them, so grab any that you see.
  • Reference your map often! This is a good place to get familiar with how the map shows quest destinations and turn in points.
  • If you're on the Isle for more than one day, be sure you grab the treasure chest every day. It's located up on the coast (the quest Mysterious Treasure leads you to it).

There are a couple tougher quests to be aware of:
  • The Missing Scout - This quest is a bit flaky. You have to kill Veles, grab the item from the chest, then escort Mila back to the Scout Camp. It may take a couple tries to get all three steps done, especially if multiple people are trying to do it at once.
  • Theory Number Three: Fear - This quest can be tough to solo for some classes so consider teaming up to kill the giant crab.
  • Birth of a Masterpiece - The birch bark for this quest is slow to gather. Use "T" to highlight white-bark birch stumps. Check everywhere the birch trees grow, including the upper ridges to the south-east! Remember some trees will give you multiple tries to harvest them.
  • The Damned Soul - The first real raid fight in the game. You will need a group. You can often just run to the Soul's spawn point and find a raid group sitting there farming it for loot. Join up and get your quest done.
  • Returning Home - This quest is dead easy, with one big warning: Once you use the June Stone you cannot come back to Evermeet Isle! Be absolutely sure you have completed your quests and purchased your rep gear before you use the June Stone.
Checklist for Isle Departure
  1. Turned in all quests other than Returning Home, the quest to leave.
  2. Have your Adventurer's Stone on your character screen.
  3. Have completed your reputation with the Survivors faction.
  4. Have purchased all your reputation gear.
All done? Time to click the June Stone!

Note: Once you leave Evermeet Isle via the June Stone, you'll be sent to a small Allod with a ship dock. Be sure you look around this Allod, as there are two quest givers and three quests to pick up here:
Note that once you've done the last few quests surrounding the strange stone in your inventory, it will disappear! Never fear, you still have the portal ability available. Hit "I" and look at your character portrait. There's an icon in the lower left which activates your adventurer's stone (and frees up a precious inventory slot!)

By the time you reach Novograd Docks,  assuming you did all the quests on Evermeet Isle, you should be 6th level and well on your way to 7th. If you're below 6th, you may want to review Fatigue and You! to insure you understand how experience works in Allods.


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