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Quest Guide: Lightwood - Part II

This is part II of a two part series on the many quests of Lightwood. You can find part I right here. The first part covered the northern part of the zone, this time I'll focus on the southern reaches, including the Dead Thicket, Southern Birchwoods, Adder Plateau, and Farshore Shipyard. As always you can find a full list of quests for this zone right here.

First a PvP note: The Novograd Arena lies just south of the city along the main east-west road. Entering the arena flags you for PvP for both friend and foe, and there are often higher level people hanging around the area sparring, so unless you'd enjoy a quick trip to purgatory, save yourself the trouble and circle around the clearly marked arena.

Next a travel note: The quests in this area involve some running back and forth to Novograd to turn things in. The best strategy here is do an east to west run through the area, picking up and doing quests as you go. When you have completed quests that require a trip to the city, portal back with your adventurer's stone, which should be set to the main portal in Novograd, turn in and sell loot, then start the process again. Along the way you'll open up a few level-limited quests in the city, so be sure you visit the various districts to check for new quests.

Finally a quest note: At these levels you'll unlock the quests for the Pages from the Mage's diary. I advise ignoring these quests as the drops are ultra-rare. You'll fill your log with quests that you have almost no chance of completing.

OK on with the questing.

Before you head to this area of the map, be sure you have the quest Forest Caches given by Zhuga Isaev, who can be found in the Trade District in Novograd. If you don't, you should review the end of the part I article and insure you did the Rebels' Letter quest. You should also have The Search for an Elven Wizard and the quest A New Prey, the next step in the widow innkeeper's eternal search for a husband. It's worth taking a turn around the city to insure you haven't opened any additional quests there as well.

Your first stop should be the Field Hospital, where you can find the next candidate in the widow innkeeper's search, the wreck of The Gibberling Ship, and a few other quests. On the way out visit Stas Dozhdalev, who has a camp set up along the east-west road between the Novograd Arena and the Field Hospital, to pick up Arachnophobia, the raid quest to kill Mizgir.

As you work on There's Bear-ly Any Fat Left keep your eyes open in the Southern Birchwoods. Your first challenging quest, Forest Caches is here. This quest isn't particularly hard, but the caches are difficult to find. They're scattered around the area partially hidden by trees and bushes. The "T" key is your friend here, but it will take you a while to mark the required number of caches. Be aware that each chest spawns a bandit guard when you mark it, so be prepared for battle. Of course you may want to hold off on Forest Caches until you get Hides for Dozhdalev, which sends you into the Southern Birchwoods as well.

A quick note on quests that spawn foes: Yes you can just run away from these guys, but that's kind of cheap and makes things tougher on the next guy. Kill them to earn some XP. Don't be a jerk, OK?

When you finish There's Bear-ly Any Fat Left you'll get Apitoxin Elixir which involves killing many many bees. Turn this in at Dozhdalev and pick up Hides for Dozhdalev.

Also swing by Big Stones and speak to Michelle de Grandeur at the entrance, and "Squealer" Sarakovsky near the Elf structure north-west of the quarry, who should have a tale to tell you about The Search for an Elven Wizard. Skip the Big Stones quests for now, we'll get back to it. While you're in this area be sure you kill boars and wolves forDozhdalev . Note that there are two kinds of wolves near this area. The vicious wolves won't drop hides, they drop heads for the quest A Wedding Gift.

On the way out, swing by the Dead Thicket camp to advance Another Candidate, then take a slight detour to find the better quality Lightwood chest. If you head east from the camp to the ridge, then turn south along it, you'll discover a broken down wagon wreck in a tangle of trees and bushes. This is the better quality treasure which you should visit instead of the previously mentioned chest. Be careful, there are level 10-11 wolves and werewolves in this area, including a tougher rare spawn boss.

Remember: You can only pick up one chest per character per day, and you can't pick them up at all if your quest log is full.

Now you're probably ready to take care of the wolves and werewolves around Dead Thicket. The werewolf quest, which you get after turning in Forest Caches, ends with Challenged to a Duel, where you face off against the werewolf leader Vakula. This is a fairly easy, fight so don't sweat it. Finish off the wolf heads for A Wedding Gift and head west. You can probably clean up the Big Stones quests, which includes Army of Stone, a quest that requires you to use the quest item Primordial Stone to convert wounded rock elementals to friends. You need to reduce the elemental's health to 25-30% before using the stone, and they have a knockback attack, so this quest can be frustrating solo. Do it with a friend. While here you can take care of killing The Bloody Avengers Gang and their leader Boris Northlander. Boris is a bit tough, as he has quite a few friends nearby, but with care he can be soloed.

You'll also want to visit the Farshore Shipyard to pick up some additional kill quests for the Lame Family.

On one of your trips to town you should have found The Runaway Unicorn  and The Runaway Saytr. Both these creatures can be killed solo. The unicorn is on Adder Plateau, the satyr in Farshore Shipyard. These quests open up The Runaway Troll, the first quest you'll get for the Oreshek instance.

The remainder of the quests in Lightwood are pretty straight-forward, with one exception, The Key Tower. In this quest you use the quest item to 'see' the enemy forces. Be careful! Using the item can spawn groups of two or three hostiles, leading to a quick trip to purgatory! Aside from this one tough quest, the remainder of Lightwood is pretty easy. Be sure you make a final run through town to pick up any loose ends. The last quests you do will be obtained from the base near the entrance to Oreshek Fortress. Eventually you'll have several quests leading into the instance:
If you have these quests in your log, you're ready to tackle Oreshek!

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