Monday, April 26, 2010

Status Report

Just a brief update on current state of play...

Gibberling Warden, level 28: Eljune - I'm a bit frustrated with this character right now, not because of performance, but because I deadlocked myself out of a World Mystery quest line. Plu's Pole requires that you keep a previous quest reward, a green weapon. Unfortunately I sold this item off, since my current weapon was better, so I'm stuck. I dropped the quest, hoping I could backtrack and pick it back up, but no luck. Bug report filed. Guess I'll have to wait and see.

Kanian Warrior, level 26: Asee-Teph - Did a bit of questing over the weekend, but nothing involved. Several of my gaming friends are trying to sync up characters, so I'm stuck waiting around for one of them to catch up with me. I did manage to do a couple reputation quests, but there's still quite a bit to do in Asee-Teph for this guy.

Elven Summoner, level 21: Darkwater - My leveling partner was off playing other characters, so all I did this weekend was collect chests. In retrospect I should have sat on the beach in Darkwater summoning demons for The Astral Extract.

Kanian Scout, level 10: Lightwood - Wrapping up the zone now. I started this guy so I could go back and rerun zones as I wrote up quest guides. He helped me straighten out many details in Part One and Part Two of the Lightwood Guides.

That's about it.

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