Thursday, April 8, 2010

Quest Guide: Novograd City

When you leave Evermeet Isle, you eventually end up on the docks outside Novograd City, which is located in Lightwood. Congratulations on making it to the real world! The first thing you'll want to do when you arrive is familiarize yourself with the city. You'll be spending a fair amount of time here, so it pays to know where things are. There are also quite a few quests in the Novograd / Lightwood area.

Here are a few pointers:
  • As you head toward the city, be sure you talk to the Novograd Guide, who will start you off on a series of quests to talk to various profession trainers around the city. Give some thought to your profession choice before you decide, as it's very costly and time consuming to add a second profession!
  • Stop by the Inn outside the city and talk to the widow. She'll give you a quest, A Man's Advice, which will eventually introduce you to many important NPCs in Lightwood.
  • Talk to the beggar at the gate and help him out with Mean Mischief or Hard Adventure. It's a quick quest on the docks. While you're there, talk to Kopyl Muhov and pick up Flour Delivery, the repeatable reputation quest for Novograd Construction (the delivery drop off is just west of the gate). It pays to do this quest whenever you're passing by. Novograd Construction has some nice reputation gear available.
Once inside the city walls, follow the quests you already have around the city. They'll lead you to the Novograd Construction offices, Aidenus' Tower, and the Elven and Gibberling District. A few important places to be sure you see that aren't necessarily easy to spot:
  • The Bank is near Aidenus' Tower, along the east wall of the courtyard near the Blacksmith Trainer.
  • The Auction House is west of Aidenus' Tower, near the Alchemy Trainer.
  • The Innkeeper is right near the Auction House on the west wall of the courtyard.
  • There are trainers in each of the city's districts except the Trade District near the main gates.
  • If you're interested in starting a guild the Guild Master is in a building south of the Novograd Construction offices in an upstairs room.
  • Be sure you go upstairs in Aidenus' Tower! Lovewise Catfish, the keeper of World Mysteries is there, along with several other important NPCs.
If you know the city and just want to make the rounds as quickly as possible, here's the best order: Intelligence Office, Novograd Construction, Elven District, Fortune Teller, Gibberling District, Alchemist, Disassembler, Blacksmith, Tower.

By the time you've finished familiarizing yourself with Novograd City, you should have visited each profession trainer and picked up a number of quests that lead into Lightwood.

One of the quests you may have picked up from the Alchemy Trainer is Almost Free, the quest for a larger bag. Be warned: this quest is a considerable grind (as bags are available in the Item Shop). The items you pick up will consume precious bag space (they cannot be put in the bank either), and some of the quest items are not available until you get to Siveria, so why bother until you can blitz the whole thing?

That should be enough to get you started in Novograd and Lightwood. Next time I'll focus on Lightwood proper and the many quests found there, including where to find the treasure, how to kill Fangy, the elusive Kanian Rebellion, and many others. Stay tuned.

Good hunting!

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