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Reputation Guide

This article covers the various repeatable reputation quests zone by zone. Hopefully it'll help you obtain your reputation gear for each zone in a pain free manner. It pays to get the reputation for each zone done as soon as you can manage the reputation quests. The respected gear obtained from the various reputation vendors is some of the best gear available at the appropriate levels. That said, there's no need to grind all the rep for the zone as soon as you get there. Most of the quests in the area will give you reputation for the main faction, reducing the number of repeatable quests you have to do.

Evermeet Isle - Survivors
Reputation on Evermeet Isle is fairly easy. Just keep an eye out for Plantains, a short green plant that grows all over the Isle, and harvest it whenever you see it. You can harvest this plant without having the quest in your log, so start as soon as you step onto the Isle. Be sure you check the fringe areas that don't get much traffic, as the plant spawns will often accumulate there since no one harvests them. As always, use the "T" key to highlight plants, and check for multiple harvests from one spawn.

Note: Harvesting while in a group can be buggy, resulting in no item gathered. If you get hit with this, it's best to drop group. There doesn't seem to be a way to work around this problem at the moment.

Lightwood / Novograd - Novograd Construction Council
The Novograd Construction Council is the easiest reputation around. All you need to do is spend half an hour running flour sacks to the mill. It's a bit boring, but well worth getting done as soon as possible. Victory Banner is a second category of reputation quest, a daily quest to kill rebels outside Oreshek Fortress. By the time you unlock it you are likely to be done with the grind. Note that Victory Banner is not Raising the Victory Banner, which is a quest inside Oreshek.

Siveria - Molotovka Traders
Ahh Tiger Rage, how we hate thee. Welcome to one of the most annoying reputation quests around. There are two main problems with this quest. First it's hard to keep tigers alive long enough to do it, and second, properly capturing tiger's rage is only awarded to one person in a group, so there is no benefit to forming parties. These two factors lead to a fair bit of inconsiderate play as people kill or capture other people's tigers. My recommendation is to do this over a couple days, preferably at off-peak times.

Siveria also introduces the third type of reputation quest, the crafting quest. In this case turning in ten Refined Copper Blanks, a mining product, for reputation. This is a daily quest, and probably not worth pursuing unless you're a miner.

The Men-Khatton Executioners is another daily quest. If you level to the point where tigers for Tiger Rage are impossible to keep alive, this is the best alternative for finishing off reputation.

Frozen Frontier - Gibberlings
After the pain and suffering of Siveria, Frozen Frontier is a breeze. There's no real need to grind this reputation, simply keep Extermination active in your quest log at all times and you'll come very close to respected just through normal play. If you do have to grind a few times, there is generally a reputation party circling the lake near town killing harpies. It's very fast reputation.

Shall We Drink is another crafting daily quest, this time for alchemy. Again probably not worth it unless you're an alchemist (and even then it's probably not worth it).

Darkwater - Kanians
The Kanian reputation quests, ignoring the crafting quest, are both pretty easy. Ghost Hunt, the daily, can be done right in town. Crowbane, the main repeatable quest, requires a bit of running, but other than that it's dead easy with a group. My impression is you need to do Crowbane several times to complete reputation here, but that could be a false impression, since I generally rush this reputation to gear up.

Clothing the Troops is the daily craft quest. Enough said.

Tenebra - Elves
Tenebra reputation requires a little legwork. To unlock On the Other Side of Darkness you have to complete a number of prerequisite quests. You must complete Field Testing and its followup, Weapon Found!. I've written a detailed article on the repeatable quest right here.

There is no daily quest available in Tenebra as far as I can tell, other than the crafting quest Chic Shirts.

Asee-Teph - League Army
Four reputation quests here, three with a PvP focus. Not surprising considering the reputation being acquired. The primary reputation quest, Imperial Sentinels, is a level 26 quest, so it may not be available right off the bat. Capturing Sites of Power is a daily quest, and requires a fair bit of running around. My suggestion would be keep it active in your log and complete it when you can as you quest. War to the Death and A Smelly Task are daily quests, the latter a group quest. The quest text on War to the Death is confusing, since the description says kill ten enemy players, while the actual quest counter says five. The Fashionable Army is this area's crafting quest, this time it's blacksmithing.

Eljune - Forest Folk

Eljune reputation is a bit of a grind. The main quest Let's See What We Caught This Time, involves both killing and collecting, with limited collection points. The area is often contested with war banner groups on both side eliminating competition. Thankfully you can also grind this reputation by killing the Lake Lizard Warriors (and only the Warriors) in the area around the lake.  Soothing Aloe is the crafting quest, enough said.

There are several other reputation repeatable quests here:
  • Cursed Bark - A (daily?) repeatable quest that rewards a Free Trader's Note instead of reputation. The quest giver is near the Itsmal Ruins
  • Did You Say Garbage? - A (daily?) repeatable quest to turn in buttons for Free Trader reputation. The quest giver is in the Bazaar.
  • On the Attack - League Army reputation.
  • Defend the Wall - League Army reputation.
On the Attack and Defend the Wall seem to vary depending on the status of the fortified wall between Eljune and Asee-Teph. The quest giver located right near the Bazaar portal, only offers one or the other quest. I haven't quite figured out the details yet, so if you know more, let me know so I can update the guide!

Coba Plateau - Prospectors, Historians

Coba is a bit of a break from the usual reputation quest structure. The Prospectors are the main reputation here, but there does not appear to be a respected-level quartermaster here, so the repeatable quests are almost needed as regular questing will get you most or all the way to trusted. The Historians also have several repeatable quests here, along with a trusted-level quartermaster. Here's a breakdown on the available quests, which include a mix of repeatable, daily and crafting quests.

  • A Climactic Production - Daily quest to obtain water dropped from Kobolds and use it on a Rusted Waste fire trap. Prospectors' Inn.
  • That's Not Trash - Daily crafting quest for 20 pieces of dyed fabric. Prospectors' Inn.
  • Vendor location:  Prospector's Inn 
League Army
  • War Against the Arisen - A daily quest to kill Arisen players for League Army reputation.
Coldberg - Free Traders, League

Looks like Coldberg is the beginning of the end for reputation grinds. Lots of daily quests here.

Free Traders
Avilon -  Historians

The standard collection of reputation quests for the Historians. All of these are daily quests.

Dragon Ring - Demon Hunters

The Demon Hunters quests are pretty low reputation per run, so it looks like a long haul to get to respected here.
Yazes Shard -  League Defenders

Lots of PvP quests here!

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