Sunday, April 4, 2010

June Stones, Portals and Astral Ships

Portals and June Stones are the basic mechanisms used to move between Allods as you play. Here's a bit of information on how they work.

To use June Stones or Portals, you need to complete the June Stone quest on Evermeet Isle, specifically Adventurer's Stone. Never fear, you can't leave the island without completing this quest, so you're guaranteed to have the required Adventurer's Stone. As noted in the Evermeet Isle quest guide, the stone is not in your inventory, it's shown on the lower left of your character information screen, hit "I" to see it, click on the icon to use it. Your Adventurer's Stone has a 30 minute cool down.

June Stones are scattered all over the game so we'll start by talking about them. Generally June Stones have only one or two options available when you click on them. You can:

  • Bind to location - this option sets the current June Stone as the destination for your Adventurer's Stone teleport. Be careful and use this wisely! Don't bind in the middle of nowhere. More on this below.
  • Pick a destination - this option allows you to travel to a distant location in a June Bubble. The ride usually takes a couple minutes so it's a good chance to take a quick stretch, but be warned, not all June Stones are safe locations to go AFK.

Some June Stones allow you to pick one of several destinations. This process is straightforward, just click on the destination you want to go to.

Portal Keepers are the second part of the teleport equation. They're generally located in important bases or quest hubs. To use a Portal you talk to the Keeper standing next to it. You must visit and activate a Portal to teleport back to it. There are three options on the base Portal Keeper dialog:
  • Teleport - Allows you to select a destination to go to. You can portal to any other portal you've attuned to.
  • Portal Keeper - Talk to the Portal Keeper, which opens a second dialog. Be sure you do this at least once at each portal you visit. You MUST talk to the Portal Keeper to attune the portal! Talking to the Portal Keeper also allows you to bind to the Portal, which works just like binding to a June Stone, it sets the destination of your Adventurer's Stone. More on binding below.
  • Ask about portals - Explains the basics of portals, but now that you've read this, you can ignore that option!
When you first get to Novograd, be sure you head to the Tower, find the Portal Keeper inside and talk to him to attune yourself to that portal. At first it's a good idea to bind there as well. Once you start questing the best place to bind your Adventurer's Stone is the nearest Portal to your main quest hub. Always bind to a Portal, not a June Stone, as you can use Portals to travel elsewhere as needed, but June Stones are a one way trip, and often located in out of the way places. The best way to use your Adventurer's Stone as you quest is to pick up a bunch of quests, go do them, then use your Stone to return home and turn them in. It saves a lot of running!

The third way to travel between Allods is via Astral ships. To use ships you have to wait on the access pad until a ship is in place, then use the "Z" key to jump aboard. Disembarking is the same process at the destination. Warning: Jumping too soon or too late can be fatal!

So there you have it, the basics of moving around between Allods. Good hunting!

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