June Stones, Portals and Astral Ships

This is a comprehensive, zone by zone list of travel resources to help you plan your trips. I'm only covering the League and neutral sites for the moment. If anyone notices any omissions or errors, please let me know! June Stones that are marked "Bind only" mean you can bind your Adventurer's Stone there, but cannot travel to other destinations from that stone.

Status: Work in progress!

Evermeet Isle
  • Arrival Portal: Spark Shore. Cannot be used.
  • June Stone: Hidden Bay. One way transport to a nameless Allod on the way to Novograd.
  • Ship: Nameless Allod. Travels to Novograd City.
Novograd City
  • Ship: Docks. Travels to Asee-Teph.
  • Ship: Docks. Travels to Avilon.
  • League Portal: Main Tower.
  • Tunnel: South-east of Sawmill. Leads to Darkwater.
  • Trail: North of Snowmelt Flows. Leads to Siveria.
  • June Stone: Amberwood camp. Bind point only.
  • June Stone: Oreshek camp. Bind point only.
  • Trail: South of Molotovka. Leads to Lightwood.
  • League Portal: Molotovk.
  • League Portal: Cape of Good Hope.
  • June Stone: Cape of Good Hope. Leads to Frozen Frontier.
  • June Stone: Gravestein. Bind point only.
  • June Stone: Sieged Stronghold. Bind point only.
Note: There is no June Stone leading back to Siveria from Frozen Frontier. Be sure you have portal access to other destinations before you head out.

Frozen Frontier

  • League Portal: Quiet Harbor
  • June Stone: North of Quiet Harbor. Allows travel to the other Frozen Frontier Allods.
  • June Stone: South end of Foothills of Arov. Allows travel to Quiet Harbor.
  • June Stone: West side of Shaggy Island. Allows travel to Quiet Harbor.
  • June Stone: South-west corner of Cold Island. Allows travel to Quiet Harbor.
  • June Stone: East end of Nordheim Island. Allows travel to Quiet Harbor.
  • Tunnel:  Border Outpost. Leads to Lightwood.
  • League Portal: Valir Settlement.
  • June Stone: The Great Tree. Leads to Tenebra.
  • League Portal: Summer Manor.
  • June Stone: Summer Manor. Allows access to Darkblood Citadel and Tainted Woods.
  • June Stone: Tainted Woods. Allows return to Summer Manor.
  • June Stone: Darkblood Citadel. Allows return to Summer Manor.
  • League Portal: Central League Camp.
  • Ship: Central League Camp dock. Travels to Novograd.
  • League Portal: Maddox Depot.
  • Free Trader Portal: Eljune Bazaar.
  • Free Trader Portal: Takalik Harbor.
  • Ship: Takalik Harbor. Travels to Coldberg.
  • June Stone: Zosim Coast. Bind point only.
Coba Plateau
  • League Portal: Brazen Hill.
  • Free Trader Portal: Prospectors' Inn.
  • June Stone: Prospector's Inn. Bind point only.
  • June Stone: Northern Border. Travels to Goblinball Stadium.
  • June Stone: Meridian Outback. Bind point only.
  • Ship: Near Isle of Weakness. Travel's to Dragon's Ring.
Goblinball Stadium
  • June Stone: Travel's to Coba Plateau.
  • Ship: Swindlerville. Travels to Takalik Harbor in Eljune.
  • Free Trader Portal: Swindlerville.
  • Ship: On the coast. Travels to Novograd.
  • League Portal: In central camp. Only available after finishing quests.