Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Efficient Questing

Quests are a huge part of Allods. If you're not questing, you're doing it wrong! There are a few important points to cover for effective questing. Being aware of these elements can lead to faster leveling and more enjoyable gameplay.

Know Your Quest Givers
The first trick is to be sure you can find quest givers. The image at right shows the icons used by quest givers to indicate their status. They are, from top to bottom:
  • Regular Quests - These are normal, one time quests.
  • World Mystery Quests - These are quest givers that are involved in World Mystery quest chains.
  • Repeatable Quests - These quest givers offer quests you can do more than once, generally for reputation with some faction. Some repeatable quests can be done as often as desired, others are limited to once per day.
  • Complete Quests - This icon marks where you turn in quests. Note that some quests are started and ended at different places!

Never Fill Your Quest Log

The quest log (hit the "L" key to open) allows 20 quests to be active at once. If your quest log is full, you cannot receive any additional quests and, more importantly, quest giver icons disappear! It always pays to have at least once slot open so you can see quest givers, even if you don't want to pick up the quest immediately. Missing a quest chain because your log is full can lead to frustrating dead ends.

Check The Map

Most quest locations are marked on your map (hit the "M" key to show the map). They appear as little brown icons for quest locations or green flags for quest turn ins. Note that the icons shown aren't always exactly accurate, and they don't show for all quests.

Clear Your Bags

Many quests have item requirements, either tools required to complete the task or items you have to gather. Before heading out to quest, sell off any vendor loot and bank any items you aren't using (things like crafting tools or rune tools are useless while questing). The more bag space you have the more quests you can do on a single quest run.

The Global Tracker

The Global Tracker controls which icons you see in when you're wandering around the world. If you're having problems seeing icons for quest givers (or other NPCs for that matter), make sure you have the Global Tracker turned on. It's the green arrow icon in the upper right corner of your display. It opens a menu like the one shown at right. You want to be sure all the entries on this map are highlighted. Clicking the green arrow toggles the menu open and closed.

Note that depending on what you're doing you may want to turn off some of the options here. For example early on the Ships entry isn't very useful. Once you're familiar with your city the Trainers and Services options can be turned off as well.

Plan Your Run

Before you head out, check your map and the quest list. Figure out a path that will lead you past the quest sites with the least running. Time spent running is time spent not questing!

The Quest Tracker

Below the Global Tracker is the Quest Tracker. This automatically shows a list of your current quests and your completion status. To open it, click on the gold arrow icon on the right edge of the screen. Depending on your display size, you may be able to run with this open at all times, but some people find it distracting.

So there you have it, seven tips to improve your questing experience. Next up I'll talk about fatigue and how it affects the experience you earn. Until then, happy hunting and good questing!

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