Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Essential Commands

There are a few extremely important things every player should know that aren't covered in the tutorial introduction:

The Social Interface
Using the "G" key or hit the Social button (see image). This opens a panel where you can add and remove Friends, or add and remove people from your Ignore list. Why is this important? First it lets you see when your friends are online. Second it lets you block spammers. Yes, like most MMOs, there are spammers in game, even in beta. Odds are they won't go away, so rather than complain about them, just ignore them.

To add someone to your friends or ignore list, go to the right panel, then click the Add button. Type the character's name in exactly as it appears in game, including any capital letters! Hit the Accept button, and voila! Done.

One thing to bear in mind, your Friend and Ignore lists are limited to 30 characters each, so occasionally you'll have to prune them. Spammers are relatively short-lived, so occasionally going through and deleting them all is not a bad idea. You can remove people from these lists using the Remove button, or simply right-click their name in the Social interface and select Remove.

Highlighting Objects

Many quests involve picking up items from the ground or finding hidden objects or creatures. You can mouse over objects to see if your cursor turns to a Gear icon, indicating an interaction point, or you can tap the "T" key to flash all visible highlights. The first place this becomes important is doing the Medicinal Herbs quest on the starter Allod. It becomes much easier to find the plants using the "T" key methodology.

Important note: "T" highlighting doesn't always work! There are some objects that are buggy and simply won't highlight, even if they have an interaction available. If you find yourself getting stuck, try mousing around the environment to see if you can find the interaction.

Quick Keys

Allods has a nice feature implemented called Context Action Keys. These are temporary buttons that pop up near the bottom of your screen when there is an interaction available to you. Once you're used to them they can really speed up some of the repeated tasks you may encounter during play. Context Actions pop up for interactions, loot, gathering professions, quest and NPC interactions.


You can move via the mouse (pressing both buttons moves forward, turn by moving the mouse), or via keyboard commands. Allods uses "W" for forward, "S" for back, "Q" for left, "E" for right, "A" for strafe left, and "D" for strafe right. Note that "Q" / "A" and "E" / "D" are backwards from most other games!

Lastly "R" toggles auto-run on or off. Just be careful you don't auto-run off the edge of an Allod!


All options, including video and audio settings and keys mapping, can be done via the main game menu, which you can access via the "ESC" key.

OK there you have it, three important tips for new players. Hope this is useful information! Let me know if anything is unclear!

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