Friday, March 19, 2010

Fatigue and You!

Allods, like most MMORPGs, has a pretty well defined system of levels. Allods is a bit unusual in that it has a fatigue system overlaid on top of a generic "kill and quest for XP" mechanism. Understanding fatigue is a critical part of the game and based on zone discussions it seems like there's quite a bit of confusion on the subject, so here's a brief guide, complete with pictures!

Let's start by looking at the representation of experience and fatigue in game. If you look at the image, that's a typical experience bar, showing all four colors you can potentially see there. Let's look at them one at a time.
  • A) The bright purple area to the left represents experienced earned. It's what determines when you level up. Increasing this is good!
  • B) The bright blue section of the experience bar represents fatigue gained. If you look in the mouse-over bubble you can see this numerically as 1298. When you rest, any fatigue gained becomes experience earned.
  • C) The dimmer blue bar represents available fatigue. This is the pool of fatigue you can convert to fatigue gained before you run out. In the mouse-over bubble you can see this as the number 25200.
  • D) The dark area to the far right is the no fatigue zone. This is a bad place for efficient leveling.

OK so how does this work? There are two parts to the process. If you kill a monster or complete a quest you receive an experience award. This is added to your experience earned. If you have available fatigue you also earn a like amount of fatigue gained. Let's say you kill a monster worth 30 experience. That will earn you:
  • 30 points of experience earned.
  • 30 points of fatigue gained assuming you have available fatigue.
 Why does this matter? If you don't have available fatigue you do not earn fatigue gained. That means you receive half the potential value of any kill or quest if you're out of fatigue. Don't do that. You can potentially do all available quests and be too low level to pick up high level quests. This leaves you with the unpleasant prospect of grinding mobs for straight XP, a dismal prospect at best.

Let me say that again: Leveling without available fatigue can dead end your quests, forcing you to grind mobs for kill experience points.

OK second part of the process: Find a goblin innkeeper and talk to him. Hit the Rest icon. Voila! Your fatigue gained has been converted to experience earned! Easy huh? Bear in mind that Rest costs you some coin, so don't go resting every 10 minutes.

Fatigue Refresh

Every night at 9 PM PST fatigue is reset (at the time this article was written). What does that mean? It means your available fatigue bar refills! Yay, time to quest again! Three important points here:
  • That's Pacific STANDARD Time. The servers do not observe Daylight Savings Time, so figure out the fatigue refresh for your own time zone with that in mind.
  • You get back about one level's worth of fatigue when reset occurs, but if you have fatigue gained (bright blue in your experience bar) that counts against the fatigue you gain! It always pays you to Rest at a goblin innkeeper before fatigue reset occurs.
  • If you don't play for a day or two don't fret, you earn additional available fatigue each day you don't play. This helps out those of us that don't play every day.
OK that should do it for fatigue. I hope this article has helped explain how fatigue works and why leveling without fatigue available is a BAD THING!

Good hunting and happy fatigued questing!


Snorx said...

Actually, I'm not sure if things were this way at the time this article was written, but currently, you only refresh available fatigue when you log on after 9 pm pst. Here is are some examples.
Example 1: It is monday. A level 7 player currently has 5000 fatigue capacity. If he is still logged on after 9 pm pst, he will gain an additional 2550 fatigue capacity, thus having 7550 total fatigue capacity.
Example 2: It is monday. A level 7 player currently has 5000 fatigue capacity. The player logs off before 9 pm pst, and then logs on again on thursday. He will not gain fatigue capacity for tuesday and wednesday, but he will recieve an additional 2550 fatigue capacity for that day he logged on, thus having 7550 fatigue capacity.
Hoped this helped :D

mthomas768 said...

Snorx - Thanks for the update. Sounds like things have changed!

Snorx said...

I accidentally said fatigue resets after 9pm pst, since that is what it used to be, but actually it resets after 4am pst. Sorry about that!!

Snorx said...

Fatigue does not exist anymore, instead they made all mob exp and quest exp twice as much.

Snorx said...

Fatigue doesn't exist anymore. Now they made it so that quests and monsters give twice as much experience as they did previously.