Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tenebra Reputation: How to Kill Sparkly Vampires

The Tenebra Elves reputation quest On the Other Side of Darkness is pretty fun, and pretty funny if you're a Twilight hater too. The basic idea of the quest is you turn into a werewolf using a potion given to you by the quest giver (Raymond de Ardeur in Summer Manor), and go kill sparkly vampires. What's not to love?

Here are a few tips for the quest:

First, you need to do a number of other quests to open up the repeatable quest. In Tainted Woods you must complete Field Testing, which will lead to Weapon Found!, the quest that unlocks the repeatable.

When you're doing the quest, you need to be in the Western Borders area of Tenebra. From the quest giver go west and a bit south to find the area. You must be in this area to drink the potion, and be sure you are NOT in combat when you drink the potion or it will bug out on you, forcing you to drop the quest and get it again.

Always ask to join a reputation raid for this quest. It goes much faster when you have a full pack of Werewolves hunting Twilight Vampires!

When you drink the potion you are turned into a Werewolf. All the regular monsters disappear, and the Twilight Vampires appear scattered around the south-west portion of the map. While you're a Werewolf you cannot use your normal abilities, and pets disappear. Instead you use the "Z", "X", "C", and "V" keys to activate your werewolf abilities. Note that the on screen buttons don't reflect cooldowns so you'll have to guess a bit when fighting.

Fighting as a Werewolf

The abilities you gain as a Werewolf are:
  • Unnatural Regeneration ("V") - A self heal with a fairly long cool down. Mash it to heal up a bit. Unfortunately melee types won't get much benefit since your caster stats will be very low, so you'll resist the healing effect a lot.
  • Piercing Howl ("X") - This ability is like the typical wolf howl used by NPCs. It slows the target, reducing the damage you take. It has about a six second cooldown, and stacks three times, so always stack it on your target to reduce damage taken!
  • Raking Claws ("C") - This is your spamming attack. It is a bleed effect that stacks to three. Once you've stacked it...
  • Heavy Paw ("Z") - This is a single strong attack, that does more damage based on the stacks of Raking Claws.
So the most effective way to do damage is: Piercing Howl to start and every time it is available. Raking Claws to three stacks, then Heavy Paw. Repeat until dead.


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thanks I was happy to finally get some revenge on the vamps. however I'm not getting any rep over 2500.. what gives?