Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Over at Life in Tensess there's a great article on surviving PvP, which covers some important considerations for those about to enter the Holy Lands for the first time. The article provides a link to a forum post, and covers some of the main points of PvP survival. I'd like to comment further on point six, which is: Let things go.

Nothing will kill your gaming pleasure faster than dwelling on getting killed by a group of same-level players or ganked by a bored high-level character. You will get ganked. It's a fact of life. The faster you realize that and stop getting mad when it happens, the faster you can move on with the fun.  Life in Tensess offers some good advice on how to deal with the aftermath of being killed. Let me offer up one more suggestion: take a break. Walk away from the keyboard for a little while. Stretch, get a drink or a bite to eat, read something funny, or take the dog for a walk. The game will be there when you get back, and you'll be in a better mood when you return.


Duet said...

Thanks for the shoutout. :) I'm going to have to see if your nifty "keep reading" links will work with my layout.

mthomas768 said...

They should work, but I think you have to switch to the 'updated' editor in your blogger settings.

Bugsy said...

Great tips! This will definitely help me communicate better!