Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quest Guide: Coba Plateau - Part II

 Welcome back to Coba Plateau, and Part II of the guide. If you missed it, Part I is right here. When we stopped, we were just about to head toward the Cordon and points beyond. Let's get started shall we?
Begin by finishing off some of the quests from the Northern Border station along the Cordon, including Lenta's Path, Breaking Up the Mafia, and Bon Appetit. These can be done right across the river without much difficulty. Finish off the quests right along the near edge with Blindsided, and Aviary Spies. You will also want to complete the repeatable reputation quest Historian's Robbery at least once to open up Zem Manuscripts (the items for this quest drop off skeleton monsters in the Cordon area). After all that you should be ready for for your first deep foray into the Cordon.

You can always fight your way through the Goblin guards at the gates to get to the far side of the Cordon, but there are two alternate routes that I'm aware of:

  • Use the Catapult at Meridian Outback, which is unlocked with the quest Catapult. Be warned that this is risky, and sometimes you end up spattered on the rocks by the Catapult instead of in the lake beyond the Cordon.
  • Head north along the wall to the northernmost edge of the Allod, then turn east. You can work your way around the end of the Cordon and then up a path to the area around Giant's Table. There are plenty of roaming monsters here, so be ready for a fight.
When heading into the Cordon, be sure you bring plenty of food and/or drink. There are lots of environmental effects over there that cause problems for various classes, so expect the worst. You should also clear as much bag space as possible, as there are numerous quest items to grab. Don't try to do them all at once, you'll go insane! Finally be aware that there are a number of quests offered in the Cordon area itself, and many of these require level 34, so be sure you have quest log space open. What follows is an area by area summary of the trickier quests over here. There are additional quests around, but most are pretty normal kill / collect quests. Note that the various gathered items for The Great Hunt are not bound, so they can be freely gathered / traded / sold.

Giant's Table

Head north and sneak around the shore to the path leading up to this area. The area debuffs here are growth / shrink effects.

Spectral Gorge

Be wary of the many wandering monsters in this area, and the annoying anti-healing debuff.

Barren Boneyard

This area has large pools of quicksand that slow movement. Be wary, some of these skeletons hit very hard.

Isle of Weakness / Husk Isle

This entire area drains energy and mana. You can find spots where this effect fades, so use these to your advantage, pulling monsters there to fight. Note you'll have to make two trips here, one to finish off Demon Hunters and one to complete the followup quest The Nature of the Darkness.
  • Collect Tainted Eyes for The Great Hunt.
  • Find the Fourth anomaly for Beyond the Cordon (near the treasure on Husk Isle).
  • Kill Nighthowl on Husk Isle for the Mysteries of the Zem Ruins relic and the kill quest from the Demon Hunters camp.
  • Collect the crystal near the north-east edge of Husk Isle for Demon Hunters.
  • Pick up the treasure near Nighthowl. Even though you can get the treasure quest at 33, you must be level 34 to complete this quest.

Demon Hunter Camp

This camp contains the only vendor east of the Cordon.


One of the last places you'll visit in Coba, Blackjack's, is swarming with hostile Goblins. The easiest access is probably the north side, near the edge of the Allod, but if you have friends along, simply heading in the main entrance may work just as well. The south side is very well protected by natural and artificial barricades.

With all that out of the way (whew!) you're pretty much down to killing the bosses in this area if you haven't already, Skarskull, Abordazh the Merciless, and the Shadowy Prospector. Once that's done, finish off the loose ends and running around followups, then get ready for Coldberg!


Anique XT said...

Very useful. Whats ur IGN?

Ahlamot said...

A few words on The Wish Granter quest as the reward for it is an epic wand (should be something similar for a warrior):
1. The party should have 3 members who DO NOT have this quest in the log, then there could be 1-3 other people who have it.
2. One of the people with the quest splits his/her 3 tablets and sell one to the 3 people who haven't the quest.
3. The people who got a tablet jumps on the table in the kobold's cave one by one and break the tablet. (Just in case the people with the quest should stay on the table as well.)
After the 3'rd death all who have the quest got it completed and can get the chest from the NPC that appears right in the cave by the table.
Everyone who break the tablet DIES! (it takes 1 min) After resurrection they get debuff - speed reduced 30%. To clear it they need to get cleaning quest form the NPC who gives The Wish Granter quest (that is walking in the Inn's yard). That quest is to kill 50 kobolds, party kills counts for all if you are not far from your party. It is not possible to get The Wish Granter quest until you clear the debuff.
One round of sacrifice-resurrect-kobolds killing takes 30-45 mins, so plan accordingly. It is long but the reward worth it, and you don't need any high level player for it, they just speeds up the process of killing a little. Best to be done in a party of 6 then all can get it in 2 rounds, in a party of 5 only 4 people can get it in 2 rounds.