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Quest Guide: Eljune - Part II

This is part two of the Eljune quest guide. Part one can be found right here. When we left off, we had just done the first round of questing started in Maddox and had started working on quests from the Bazaar as well. Let's move on to the next wave.
Before we begin, one quick comment. There are quite a few quests around this zone involving various deserters and various paper notes, which can lead to confusion. Be sure you double-check both the item and the target you're dealing with for these quests, they're easy to mix up.

When you return to the Bazaar, you can take a quick trip south to the holy spring check it out for The Holy Spring. While there you can do the timed kill quest Cleansing the Holy Spring for the quest giver who sits nearby. Continue south to take care of Animals for the Arena: The Slugs. There's more to do down here, but I generally skip it for now and do the area around Jakala Ruins.

After you turn in your slug meat, get Animals for the Arena: The Treants, then head for Jakala Ruins. You should have a bunch of quests here to take care of, including In the Name of Free Trade, Second Chance, and Lost Pearls. Pearls drop from the various deserters scattered around the ruins, and the 'eyes' you need to light up are pretty obvious. The trees for Second Chance are scattered around the woods near the ruin, and can be hard to spot, so use your "T" key to highlight them. Note that the Treant, Windbough, that spawns here has a pretty long respawn timer, so it may take a while for him to pop. While you're there, be sure you find the escort quest Missionary in Trouble.

The next group of quests to take care include Stop, Thief!, which involves killing Imperial Deserters and placing threatening notes on their bodies, coupled with Burglary in the Tipsy Thicket, which you can pick up from the Free Trader agent nearby. Be sure you place the notes before you loot the bodies or they'll vanish before you can blink. Be sure you grab Undead on the Loose at the same time as those skeletons and zombies are right nearby. When you turn this in you'll receive The Mad Necromancer, another group quest. Finish up with Values-Based Brigandry, which requires wearing a silly hat as you kill the Imperial scientist in the camp near the quest marker. He's another slow respawn, so you may have to wait a while. Don't forget to put your regular hat back on!

Next head south of the Bazaar again, to take care of Death to Imperial Soldiers and Gallantry in the Cave. When you turn in Gallantry, you can pick up Sabotage, a quest to blow up nearby catapults. I wouldn't head for Kotelny Camp just yet, as there is a quest you probably don't have for that area, and why make two trips when one will do, though casters in search of a neck piece may go ahead and do the site of power quest down there for the quest reward.

By this point in your drive through Eljune, you really want to be at least level 29. The available quests dry up very quickly if you're only 28. There are quite a few good grind spots here, so find one suitable to your class and go for it!

Next up is Takalik Harbor for a few straightforward quests, including Takalik Tea Party, which requires gathering tea chests from along the coast west of the harbor. Double-check at the Bazaar for a referral quest leading to the harbor as well. This will open up a couple of Holy Weapons quests, which you can take care of just east of the harbor. Be sure you examine the cloak you get for Operation Holy Cloak, as it starts a quest which you complete right away, Operation Holy Blade. Be sure you get both Raiding the Raiders and Imminent Exposure when you advance these quests, as they're related. Note that the Holy Grenades (of Antioch! No not really.) are found in chests near the western goblin base, not dropped by goblins. Be sure you get the Pirate Map that drops from the goblin boss and starts a quest as well.

At 29 you can also start the reputation grind in Eljune. See the reputation guide for details. Along with the reputation quests, you'll pick up a few others involving the Forest Folk, including The Magic of the Forestfolk, which requires you to follow around their shaman and find three ingredients. This takes a while, as the shaman move slowly. You can also begin the search for The Lake Monsters' Leader, a short chain of quests. To complete it, you must, in brief, head to the altar up near Icemirror Lake, kill the psionicist there, grab the book he drops, hunt up some lizard blood, use it at the altar, then head underwater and kill the demon that appears.

Pay a visit to Itsmal to pick up a few quests there, noting that the Cursed Bark quest is a repeatable involving killing elite treants. You can also find the zone's treasure at Itsmal, see the treasure guide for details.

Onward then to Zosim coast, which offers up a few more quests including Pilgrims that Fell Behind (look in the werewolf den south of Itsmal Ruins), and The Werewolf in a Pilgrim's Clothing, which is a group quest. Note that this quest must be done for each member of the group, so be prepared to do it several times if you get a good party. Be sure you also visit the League camp further along the coast for several quests offered up there, including Meeting the Seers, an event / escort quest. To start the event, talk to the quest giver after you have the quest and activate the "Are you ready?" dialog option. This will spawn the Seers down on the beach, along with a bunch of Imperial guards. Run down and defend them, then begin the escort to the camp, fighting off several waves of additional guards along the way. If you're in a group you'll probably have to do this for each member.

By now you probably have three quests for Kotelny Camp. They're pretty easy but are PvP quests. The prisoners for AWOL are in the barracks-like buildings near the north-west corner of the complex. The gold for Sneaking into the Enemy Camp is located in the tent marked with red crosses by the food vendor and the goblin innkeeper. Note the innkeeper is hostile!

The final round of quests involve the Great Ascetic in the woods west of Zosim. He will test your faith with A Trial of Faith, which has nothing to do with faith and everything to do with the random number generator, then send you In the Edge of Eternal Night to cleanse the last site of power. Be sure you have The Kilza the Shadowy when you head that way as he stands right next to the cursed site. He can be a tough fight.

And that about wraps it up! This was a long haul, there are quite a few quests in this zone. As usual, it pays to take one last pass around the area to insure you didn't miss anything. Once you finish the reputation grind it's off to Coba!

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