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Quest Guide: Coba Plateau - Part I

Coba Plateau is the last part of the Holy Lands Allod. It lies to the east of Asee-Teph, and can be reached by traveling east from Kotick, the Dead City. Follow the road to end up in Brazen Hill, the first quest hub for this zone. There are several reputation quests in this zone, which are listed in the Reputation Guide. Information on the zone's treasure can be found right here. The full quest list can be found right here.

Right off the bat Coba starts with a couple of confusing quests. The first of these is Prejudiced Countrymen. To complete this quest, apply a beat-down to the yellow-named rookies located within the fort's walls. Don't worry you can apply force freely, apparently the rookies don't feel their comrades are worth protecting. Next step right outside the walls to take care of Testing the Water and Search and Confiscate. The water samples can be found in barrels scattered around just outside the walls, while the chests you have to search for artifacts are among the tents right beside them. Be ready to fight the chest owners when you open them! The third confusing quest is Concealed Darkness, which requires you to use the Deadman's Eye to find your targets. Simply head to the quest marker and use the Eye on the neutral League Renegades, then kill them and take their stuff.

After that bit of chaos, the next bunch of quests lead you north-west for a lot of killing and pillaging. Nothing too difficult here, but be cautious about moving monsters and respawns. There are tons of wandering humanoids up in this area and you can find yourself overwhelmed pretty quickly. While you're up here, be sure you kill a few of the hostile League Guardsmen and get a League Recruit's Badge, which will start the quest (wait for it...) League Recruit Badge! Also be sure you grab the Dark Artifacts from the chests in the Smuggler camp for The Great Temptation.

Your steps should turn south next, for a couple of kill/drop quests and Cough Medicine, which requires gathering moss from within the termite mounds all the way to the south. The entry to the mound is a bit hard to spot. It faces the Asee-Teph border. While you're headed south, be sure you find Anton Loktev, A soldier south-east of Brazen Hill. He'll give you a kill quest leading into the Rusted Wasteland. You should also have Source of the Disease. This quest introduces the source of the various artifacts found in this zone, relic towers surrounded by glowing stones that float in the air. Loot these stones for the gland required for the quest, and various other goodies that randomly appear. A lot of bag space is required! Note that Zem Dolls are quite useful as they allow anyone to resurrect a party member, and there's a quest later on to gather five of them. There's also a quest that pops up soon to gather Scorpion Stingers, so keep any you find. Also note the Rusted Wasteland introduces the first environmental hazard, fire traps. These randomly appearing areas burst into flame when you walk over them, burning you and anyone nearby. Watch your health!

Two other tasks for the Rusted Wasteland (for now):

  • Kill Kobolds until you find a Tablet, which will start Clay Tablet.
  • Take the Scorpion Stingers you collected while doing Source of the Disease to the east end of the area and find the prospector there. He'll offer a quest requiring you to bring him three Stingers. Good thing you planned ahead!
  • If you can get a group, take on Fight for the Rusted Wasteland, but be warned that the boss in the crypt has a good bit of life. You'll need a group. Once completed you'll have a few more quests around Russet Station, including Light Versus the Darkness, which is buggy in groups. It's easy to sneak into the north part of the camp where these crates are located.
Also while southbound, poke around Russet Station, find a convenient Goblin Worker, and question them for Information on the Mafia. This quest will flag you and you may have to question several workers to get the quest completion, and only Goblin Workers seem to work.

By this point you should be ready to move on to Prospector's Inn, where more questing awaits. One of the first quests you get there, Tenderfoot's Dues, will have you running around Inn area visiting the guard posts. There are plenty of quests here so let's get started. Note that most of the monsters around here are level 31-32, so if you're not at least 31 you may want to grind a bit.
  • Defector's Friends - One of these is at a guard post, one is a corpse on the hill south-east of the Inn, and one has fallen victim to the ogre chief, Boog (there's a kill quest for him so be sure you get both completions).
  • Wagon Train Robbery - Put on the mask and rob the wagon train at the quest marker. Be sure you stand well back as the hat instantly makes you hostile to the guards!
  • Bandit killing - There are three quests that revolve around killing bandits, be sure you have them all before starting: Red Bands, Yesterday's Friends, and A Price on Emelian Razin's Head.
  • Proper Prospecting Equipment: A Pick - When you head into the mine in search of jewels, be sure you get the quest Kobold Lord from the caged prospector near the entry. When you kill the Cthulhu-like boss, be sure you start the quest from the artifact that drops as well, the Kobold Lord's Artifact.
Several quests from the Inn will lead you north to the Northern Border camp and south to Meridian Outback. The quests in these two areas are pretty straightforward, but it's worth mentioning two:
  • There's a quest from the Northern Border that will lead you to the Goblinball Stadium, Goblinball Game, which you can reach via the nearby June Stone.
  • There is a repeatable reputation quest for the Historians available at Meridian Outback, Historian's Robbery. Be warned that this area can be heavily contested with War Banners and high level players, so be prepared for PvP. Be sure you complete the quest Jumping an Abyss while here so you can use the Catapult to cross the Cordon wall.
You'll also see the first quests for beyond the Cordon pop up now. I would advise holding off on these for a while as A) getting across is hard, and B) the area beyond the Cordon is pretty rough. I'll finish off the Cordon related quests in Part II of this guide. Until then, quest smart, fight hard, and don't die!

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