Thursday, June 3, 2010

Quest Guide: Eljune - Part I

After the chaos and strife of Asee-Teph, Eljune is a nice change of pace. This zone seems empty by comparison. Once again there are quest givers scattered all over the map, though not quite so many as Asee-Teph. The reputation grind here is a bit long, as the Forestfolk don't offer that many quests to advance reputation as you level. On the plus side, Eljune offers your first shot at an Adamantite treasure chest. You can find a full list of quests for the zone here.

Getting to Eljune is pretty easy. You can either follow the beach near Overcharged shore in Asee-Teph west until you reach Maddox Depot, or cross over further south, about mid-way down the west border, into the Bazaar. Eljune introduces the first portals tied to the Free Trader portal network. These portals connect to each other, but not to the main League portals. Be careful where you bind your Adventurer's Stone. The portal in Maddox Depot is part of the regular League network, but the portals at the Bazaar and Takalik Harbor are Free Trader. You can use either set of portals normally, but only to travel to other portals on the same network. I suggest binding your Adventurer's Stone to the Maddox Depot portal for easy access to other zones and Novograd. This means a bit of running to get to other quest locations, but once you've unlocked the Free Trader portals at the Bazaar and Takalik, you can use those as a shortcut.

Maddox is also where I'd suggest starting your questing. You should have a quest that leads you here from Asee-Teph (if anyone can provide details on the quest's name, please leave a comment!) Begin your work with Death to the Satyrs and The Squirrel Threat. The latter is a simple kill quest, the former begins a chain of quests that are part of a world mystery. Be sure you pick up Something's Not Right... from the Satyr leader when you do the turn in with him, it's easy to miss.

When you complete this chain of quests, including Purification Ritual (hint: the Stygian Passage is where you return from Purgatory), several additional quests will open up with Mikhail Selyaninov, including Epiphany which sends you in search of Selyaninov's nephew at Zoloi Outpost. Head that way and pick up the quests available there, which includes Unknown Variable, the group quest to kill the Demonic Shadow. Note that Selyaninov's nephew is a corpse near the stairs leading into one of the large buildings in Zoloi. Be sure you pick up the followup quest it provides. Also be aware that several of the quests given by Selyaninov will flag you for PvP. Not a huge deal in Eljune most of the time, but something to be aware of.

Continue south to the Bazaar, where you can take care of the second quest that lead you to this zone, A Tempting Offer. To complete this quest, simply talk to Stonesky the Crafty near the Bazaar portal (a Free Trader portal - be sure you activated it while you're here) and ask for permission. This will unlock the Bazaar area, and a quite a few quests, including:
  • The Holy Weapons quests - There are several quests involving testing holy weapons for the goblins. These quests begin with Weapon Testing  and have you using holy blades, grenades and cloaks versus manticores, scorpions and a cyclops. All these quests are pretty easy, especially since you can simply run back up the ramp to the orc guards stationed there if you get in trouble. Note that you don't have to actually equip any of these items to use them, just follow the steps outlined in the quest and you'll do fine.
  • Plu's Weapons quests - These quests are tricky to complete, and somewhat buggy. Start this up with Backscratching, which rewards you one of several weapons. Be sure you keep this weapon! Subsequent quests for Plu will require it, along with Trader Notes, which are obtained by doing quests for other Free Traders. Also be sure you pick a weapon type you will use, even if the initial weapon is not an upgrade. The quest reward for completing these chains (assuming you don't hit a bug), is a nicely upgraded version of the weapon you selected to begin with.
  • The Peppy Family - This Gibberling sprout will have quite a few quests for you. Most will lead you further into Eljune and are pretty standard fare. Many people seem to have trouble with The Enemy's Weakness which calls for you to find some salt. The salt barrel is tucked away under some bushes and trees right near the quest marker.
There are quite a few kill quests right around the Bazaar as well, so knock those out quickly for some easy xp. Eventually you should have Wolves in the Forest, which requires you to kill 10 regular wolves and the three pack leaders. When you head up to do this, be sure you stop by the inn in Merry Forest to pick up The Butterflies are Gone, a quest to find three lost girls in the woods. You may also want to do Animals for the Arena: The Scorpions and Amnesty at the same time, since all these quests are in the same area:
  • Wolf leaders - Two of the pack leaders are right near the quest marker, in dens on the hillside. The third is way up north along the coast east of Takalik Harbor.
  • The girls - One of the girls is dead near one of the wolf pack leaders. Another is dead in one of the scorpion nests west of the deserter camp. The third is in the deserter camp itself, and must be escorted back to the inn safely.
  • When reading the amnesty order to the deserters, they usually, but not always, attack. Be prepared!
See the map for more exact locations. I recommend doing the northern wolf pack leader last, then heading over to Takalik Harbor to unlock the portal there. You can then use it to teleport to the Bazaar and turn in quests. Be warned, there are level 30 wolves scattered around Takalik, so use caution when you run through.

That pretty well wraps up the opening quests of Eljune. One final note on this zone. Many of the quests are level limited, so if you are scraping along at level 26 when you get here, you may not see all the quests available. Be sure you make a circuit of the various sites after you level up to insure you catch all the quests.

I'm currently working my way through the zone and taking notes for the second part of this guide, so stay tuned!


estebanv said...

u rock dude! very nice guide! i was lookin 4 the Stygian Passage 4 ever lol

mthomas768 said...

Glad it was helpful! I took a while to remember what a Stygian Passage was too :)

estebanv said...

can u tell me what a Free Trader's Note is? cos i have some and i dont know what 2 do with it ^^


mthomas768 said...

Free Trader notes are an item you collect to do the Plu's Weapons quests. Each time you advance this quest line he'll ask for additional Notes.

Ahlamot said...

Quest that leads to Maddox Depot is "Alarming Information" from the elven that gives repeatable quests in the central camp.