Friday, June 4, 2010

Guide: Racial Quests

Each race in Allods receives a racial skill at 7th level or so. Here's a breakdown of the process required to get the racial skill for each quest.


Speak with Pierre de Desirae to judge The Beauty Contest. Note that he stands under an overhang, so the quest icon is sometimes obscured. The quest itself is quite easy as the contestants are standing nearby.


Speak with Izbor Yaversky at the top of the main tower to get Initiation Ritual. To complete this quest head to the church and speak with the priests / use the items to complete the ritual. If you're facing the row of quest-related priests and items, begin at the left side and move right, talking with / using each NPC / item. When done, return to Izbor and report.


Gibberlings have a two part quest to get their racial. First they must do Flowers for the Gibberlings for the Gray family in the Gibberling quarter. Once that's done they must do It's Nice to Give, which involves handing out flowers to Gibberling families found in the Gibberling quarter.

Once you've completed the appropriate racial quest, you'll receive your racial skill, which varies depending on the class you've chosen. Note that the quest links above lead to one of several quest entries on the  site. Presumably each class uses a slightly different version of the quest because it rewards a different skill, but the completion mechanics of each are the same.

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