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Quest Guide: Tenebra

Tenebra is another divided Allod, with a northern and southern half. The instance here, Darkblood Citadel, sits between the two halves. The quests for Tenebra can be found right here. This is a relatively short zone, if you know where you're going you can clear it in one or two play sessions.

Tenebra has a unique debuff that each character accumulates as you travel through the uncivilized areas of the zone. This debuff will accumulate to a stack of four, then spawn a level 20 or 21 vampire that instantly attacks whoever it spawned from. Be warned, this is NOT the zone to go afk in. Also note that the debuff is removed by entering one of the three 'civilized' Elven enclaves in the zone.

One of the unique collection quests in this zone is a series of chests scattered around the area. Each chest contains a quest-starting Elven artifact, which you can bring to Summer Manor for the turn in. Turning in all six artifacts awards a followup quest that grants you a potentially useful item, so it's worth doing. Here are the locations:
  • One by one of the Vampire Stele's at the Western Border on the north island.
  • One by Vamp de Desirae on the Amber Coast on the north island.
  • One by the vile astral agents on the north island to the east of Summer Manor.
  • One by Shelba on the south island.
  • One by the leader of the Lamia on the south island.
  • One between the western most crevices on the southern Island.
The basic flow of questing in this zone is from Summer Manor, to Tainted Woods, then back to Summer Manor. The initial quests around Summer Manor are pretty easy, but a couple items of note:
  • Invitation to the Council - Two of this quest's targets are in Summer Manor, three are west in the small enclave there. When you give Vamp de Desirea his invitation, he will turn hostile and attack. Be sure you loot the diary he drops! It starts an important quest-line for this zone. If you are in a party, be sure everyone does this turn in separately to insure you all get the diary. The drop on this is extremely buggy, especially if using group loot.
  • Astral Clumps drop from many creatures in this zone. You can use the first you get to start An Interesting Find, but they will continue to drop for you throughout your time here. They have no other use so clean them out of your inventory from time to time.
  • For Necromancer's Lantern be sure you use the item he gives you on each wisp before you engage in combat. The item has a fairly slow cooldown so it will take a little time to do this.
Eventually you'll finish off the first round of quests in Summer Manor and receive Checking the Communications, a rather confusing quest the first time you do it. To complete this quest you need to visit the June Stone and click it as if you were using it to travel. In the destination list you will see TWO entries for Tainted Woods. Choose the SECOND entry. This will start you on your way to Tainted Woods, but will pause at each of the beacons along the way, allowing you to repair them with a click. Pay attention, you need to hit eight beacons to complete the quest! When you're done you'll be at the third Elven enclave in Tenebra, Tainted Woods. There's another round of quests available here. The highlights:
  • Cold Blood - The Lamia leader, Deianeira, is quite tough. Prepare for a difficult fight if alone. I recommend bringing a friend. While you're at the lake be sure you collect the treasure, a Mithril Chest, from beneath the dead tree across the lake from Deianeira. Also talk with the NPC for The Missing Groom, and pick up a Lamia Weapon from one of the nearby racks.
  • Talk to the Tree south of the Lamia Lake to pick up The Ancient Spider and The Rotten Tree. Briarstank is the only raid boss in the zone, and he can be tough to get a group for so take advantage of any raid you see forming.
  • Chapel of Tensess can be tough, as there are many bats in the area, and they run in fear when near death, often bringing back friends when they return.
  • Field Testing is the culmination of your activities in the Tainted Woods. It's another tough fight near the Chapel. Be sure you start the quest Traitor, which starts from the letter dropped by the vampire you kill for this quest. Completing the followup to this quest, Weapon Found!, unlocks the area's repeatable reputation quest, which I discuss in detail in this guide.
When you're done here, your quests will lead you back to Summer Manor. Don't forget to pick up the chest items from this area before you leave (see the list above)!

Back at Summer Manor you have some running around to do, along with a mix of kill and gather quests. A few standouts:
The rest of the quests are pretty straightforward drop or kill quests. Eventually you'll end up with a number of quests that lead into Darkblood Citadel, and one quest leading back to Darkwater and the Castle Blight instance there. Darkblood is manageable with a good group, but expect some tough fights.

Darkblood Citadel quests:


SelfWithInMe said...

how can we get the the excution of armand de doucer quest??
thanks this blog is really big help :)

mthomas768 said...

If I remember right, and it's been a while since I played, To get that quest you need to get the ring which drops from one the vampires guarding the stele you destroyed for The Breeding Grounds of Darkness. This actually gets used for two quests, and if you've turned it in for one you should be able to get it back from the quest giver via a dialog, or kill another vampire guardian or two for the drop.