Monday, May 3, 2010

Suggestion Hit List

No, this isn't a post about skill changes, nerfs, or patch problems. I think anyone that's been browsing the forums over the last few days has had their fill of those conversations. Nope, this is about Allods as a whole and some ideas and suggestions about how the game could be made better for everyone involved. This is opinion only of course, and I'm sure at least a few people will disagree with what I say here. Such is the nature of MMOs. Here we go, my hit list:

1 ) Clean Up Game Text

There are dozens of places in skill and ruby descriptions, tool tips and quest text where a bit of cleanup would go a long way towards removing player frustration, especially with regards skills and rubies. As part of this process, developers should mark known non-working skills and rubies. This would reduce the flow of bug reports for known issues. And speaking of that...

2) Publish a Known Issues List

There's a sticky "coming soon" post in the Bugs forum about a known issues list that's dated December 2009. It's time for Gala-net to step up and publish this list so players aren't repeating the same questions and gripes about broken talents and skills. A single authoritative source of information on known issues would go a long way toward reducing some of the forum noise about buggy skills.

3) Support Schedule

Allods is a 24/7 product. While I certainly sympathize with the game masters, who go above and beyond the call of duty to provide support, Gala-net needs to bite the bullet and establish at least a seven day a week game master presence. I don't think a full 24/7 staff is needed, but an official presence on the boards and in-game every day of the week is certainly something MMO players expect to see.

4) Patch Scheduling

Thursday patches, especially given the world-crossing time zones involved between Gala-net and Astrum Nival, are just a bad idea. Gala-net should consider patching early in the week to allow any issues caused by the patch to be addressed during the regular work-week instead of festering over the weekend. The former shows proactive support, the later simply creates hard feelings.

5) Better Forum Organization

This is a relatively small one, and I'll use Chomp's posts on the Warden / Renew issue from the last patch as an example. When this issue flared on the boards, Chomp quickly posted a locked announcement in the General forum, directing discussion to a thread in the Warden forum, where he did a great job updating people. The only problem with this is the main Warden Renew update thread generated a lot of player responses, making it hard to track the official word. I'd suggest a slight change to the strategy used: create one 'official word' thread, which is locked to regular posters and only used to announce updates and official information. Create a second discussion thread, linked from the official word thread, where player discussion takes place. This gives Gala-net a clear channel for announcements about a specific issue and players a way to provide feedback without crossing the two up.

So there it is, my top five hit list for Gala-net. What do you think?

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Duet said...

Agreed, especially 2 and 3. Allods just needs information, and updates on the information given... we are just left in the dark and no one knows for sure what is going on, if anything is even going on lol.

The thursday for patch day is just kind of facepalm >< I thought it was kind of known in the mmo industry that having maintenance late in the week = bad idea.