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Quest Guide: Siveria - Part I

Welcome to Siveria, the first of two icy zones you'll face on your path to level 40. To reach this area, travel north-east through Lightwood to the big waterfall and follow the trail up to Molotovka in Siveria, the first quest hub. As always, a full list of quests is available. Siveria is another long zone, so this will be a two part guide.

There are two things you'll probably notice as soon as you start questing in Siveria. First, the monsters here are a step up in toughness. You'll face your first tough fight almost immediately when you go after Illyar for Poachers in the Way of Progress. The second thing you'll notice is the heavy emphasis on bag-space consuming quest items. The first few quests in Molotovka will squeeze your inventory hard if you haven't done the bag quest Almost for Free  or invested in a larger bag through the Item Shop.

Also a word of warning for pet classes: your pets will get hung up on the ice floes in this zone. Pay attention to your pet! A handy trick for Wardens is to send your pet astral to free it from a snag. Summoners can try hitting the follow button on their pet controls to unstick their minion.

OK enough background, on with the questing. The first few quests you get here are pretty straightforward. The Nutty Bribe being a little tricky as you have to knock nuts out of trees (use the "T" key to highlight), then pick them up after dealing with the angry squirrel. For those that may not know venison, required for A Meaty Challenge, is deer meat. You can find Taiga Deer wandering in Taiga Glen.

You can also pick up the treasure-finding quest, Giant Guardians, for this zone, along with the repeatable reputation quest Tiger Rage. See the Treasure and Reputation guides for details.

As you continue doing quests in Molotovka, your path will lead toward Salt Lake. In the goblin village just south of the lake you'll face your second tough challenge, The Bear Totem, which requires you getting into the village and placing a collection of bear heads on the stone altar there. Be ready for a fight as this area is crawling with goblin hunters, and the altar will spawn a shaman who will try to rip your head off. Be sure you loot his remains for the quest starting helm he drops.

Once you've exhausted the quests around Molotovka, it's time to move on to Gravestein. Getting there involved the quest Drifting Down the Stream, the first timed quest you'll face. Don't worry, it's not that hard, but if you don't realize the quest is timed, you can easily fail. If you do just drop it and restart. To do the quest, talk to the quest giver and begin the quest, then run to the dock outside Molotovka (near the yaks out front) and speak with the Gibblering family there. They'll set you up with a raft with two guards, which you should board. Once aboard, simply ride along and insure nothing bad happens along the way. Yeah right. Of course something bad will happen. Expect a fight on the ride. Once you defeat the attackers your trip will continue to Gravestein. Hop off the raft as you arrive and talk to Yefim, who is right next to the docks. You can keep an eye on the timer which shows in the upper right area of your screen, but as long as you don't allow the guards to die and don't dally before boarding the raft, you should have plenty of time.

There are a few quest givers scattered around Gravestein, so make a pass around the village and pick them up. As you head in you'll want to light up the stone monuments along the road for A Safe Road. A couple quest givers can be hard to see because of the low roof-lines on the Gibberling huts. Once you've picked up everything available you can begin with Sabotage on the River, Rightie's Book, The Land Grab, and Battling Against Back Pain. All these quests can be done in the area just south of town. In fact the undead here are the only ones that drop the quest item for Battling Against Back Pain, so don't bother crossing the river.

Next up you can either head south to kill more Waterfolk for Ambushed by Waterfolk and The Waterfolk, or you can cross the river to do the somewhat annoying Test on the Graves and the Origins of the Undead.

For the Waterfolk, be sure you kill the orc in the Waterfolk village near their leader Slin and rescue the postman there. Also be sure you grab the armor off Slin when you kill him. When you turn in the courier rescue quest back in Gravestein, be sure you actually START the quest from the letter it gives you as a reward. This is an important quest chain and apparently quite difficult to pick back up if you mess up the quest line. Also the Waterfolk Wizards for The Waterfolk are a bit difficult to find. They're across the river and up on the high cliff, preparing to ambush the next raft that comes by!

To do Test on the Graves, be prepared for many ambushes. The small tomb markers scattered around across the river from Gravestein spawn one to three undead, which can be a challenge for squishy characters. Best bring a friend. These markers are somewhat buggy in that they sometimes do not flash with a "T" highlight, and sometimes don't do anything when active. The Zem artifacts for Origins of the Undead are tucked away in tombs underground and have a slow spawn time, so have some patience. You'll have to visit each tomb to get them all.

There are a few other quests around Gravestein, including the first raid boss in the zone Kosmach, but the rest are fairly mundane. After wrapping up the loose ends here, be ready to head north toward Sieged Stronghold and Part II of this guide!

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