Friday, May 7, 2010

Quest Guide: Siveria - Part II

This is Part II of a two-part guide to Sivera. Part I can be found here. I ended part one in Gravestein, ready to head north to Sieged Stronghold, but that wasn't quite accurate. There's one loose end to tie up in Gravestein. Let's get started!

Before leaving Gravestein, you should take care of Challenging the Orcs. Which requires you to gather ten tiger heads, easily done during Snowfall Tigers. Note that both this quest name and the tigers involved have changed names since was last updated, so double check your quest log. Anyhow, take the tiger heads to the orc shaman in the village at the two giant pillars near the center of the map. He'll accept them, then give you the followup quest, The Climb, which leads you up a heavily guarded winding path to the war wagon at the top. Be quick here, as the orcs in this area respawn very quickly!

On the far side of the war wagon you can turn in the climb, then follow up with another quest and a fight, which will eventually take you back to Gravestein for the last time. While you're here, pick up the zone's treasure for Giant Guardians. It's located under a large boulder near the orc campfire beside the wagon.

All set? Time to head to Sieged Stronghold. The quests here are pretty straightforward, featuring kill quests for orcs, lynxes, bears, and ogres. There are a few highlights here, notably the quests An Important Witness, and On the Trail of the Spy, both of which are resolved up in the Ogre dens. You'll have to search out the rebel messenger, as he has no quest marker. Note there is a rare spawn raid level ogre that shows up near the entrance to this area, so watch out!

Bones for the Guardian involves another ambush situation, with angry yak spirits being summoned as you search out the bones required for its completion. Be careful as people often leave angry spirits piled up here leading to potentially hazardous questing.

As you advance through the quest lines you'll eventually end up killing orc fighters and shaman further north. You'll also discover the joy of questing through an eternal blizzard. Watch your position and scan the surrounding areas frequently to avoid stepping into a pack of orcs. And speaking of Orcs, you'll have to kill the undead leader of the orcs for On the Trail of Ermolai. This can be a bit tricky, but you can usually sneak along the cliff face south of the camp and pull him to a safe location. Be sure you get the amulet he drops to start The Strange Amulet. Beware, Ugluk, the raid boss for Arch Foes, wanders near the camp!

Now you should take on Zem Tablets for The Final Proof and Tombstone Crevasse Skulls. You should also be ready to take on Board Them in Grave Harbor, which is reached via a narrow passage beyond the tombs. Be sure you pick up the Mutineer's Documents dropped by the ship's captain, which starts The Rebels' Plans. It's easy to miss in the middle of the fight, and leads to further questing.

With all that cleared away, you're probably ready to head up to the Cape. Be sure you activate the portal there, then poke around for more quests. If you haven't been back to town lately you should pay a visit and insure you have A Glimpse into Patrons (no link), which will lead you to the quest chain at the Cape to get your patron.

Many of the quests around the Cape involve undead around the Cursed Temple. The Temple itself is sort of an instance, but you can solo the entire thing with care. More on that later. Also a word of warning, there are elite undead south and east of the Temple. They're pretty tough and aren't for any known quest, so watch out!

Most of the quests around the Cape are fairly mundane, and will have you killing various undead, elementals and wisps, gathering crates, blessing tombs, and doing a little running around. The big gotcha here is visibility. The perpetual white-out can be confusing, so take your time and be sure you know where you're running, especially around the tomb area. A few highlights:

  • Search for the Fugitive - Be sure you keep the Emblem of House de Doucer he gives you when you talk to him! This is part of a world mystery and can be very difficult to recover!
  • Men Khatton Executioners - This is a daily repeatable reputation quest, which also awards bandaids. To do the quest you have to use the inventory item while standing right next to the flag you'll see at the location marked on your map. It takes a little time for the undead to appear, so be patient.
Eventually you'll end up with the following quests, all of which are resolved inside the Cursed Temple. To enter the Temple, head for the entrance and hit the "Z" key in the golden glow area. Don't just jump! The Temple itself is pretty linear, with several side passages. Here are the quests:
While you're inside, be sure you pick up Recycling the Zem, also in one of the side chambers. Once you've made it through the whole temple, it's easiest just to portal out. If you're short on kills you can always run back through and use the golden gravity well to exit.

And that's it, once you've turned in your quests and picked up Lyubimetseva's Report, which leads you back to Novograd, you're ready to move on to the Frozen Frontier, where the Gibberlings await. To get to Frozen Frontier, use the June Stone near the Cape base. Be sure you have the quest Captain to Captain in your quest long when you head off.

By the time you leave Siveria you should be near the end of 15th level at the least. 16th would be a more comfortable place to start in Frozen Frontier.


joeystyx said...

how do i find the ancient lord quest did i miss something

mthomas768 said...

I'm not 100% sure, but I think to get The Ancient Lord you have to complete the Message for the Prioress:

To do that, you have to get The Strange Amulet:

I describe how to do this quest above.

mthomas768 said...

Sorry -- should have had more coffee before I wrote that. I mean to add: If that doesn't open the quest for you, please come back and let me know. I'll see if I can figure out what else might be required.